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At YYC Employment Law Group, we put you in touch with our lawyers directly – there is no “middle-man.” We’re all about connecting with our clients, and even better, we speak “your” language. Contact us today, to find out more about Calgary’s leading Employment Law group. See for yourself what sets us apart from your ordinary, every-day employment lawyers. We’ll invite you for a casual and informal discussion regarding your rights as an employee – we are always open for a coffee and a chat. We’re confident you’ll see the difference, and most of all, we’re confident you’ll feel comfortable joining Calgary’s most motivated wrongful dismissal employment lawyers.

Employment Law Redefined – We’re Different

  • Our fees are fixed so you know what to expect from the beginning – providing you with greater value, peace of mind and certainty not offered by other Calgary Employment Lawyers still using the outdated and inequitable billable hour. Your workplace issue shouldn’t prioritize your lawyer’s bank account – it’s all about you.
  • We only represent employees and never act for employers – we are passionate about our work which translates into unmatched employee advocacy and representation.
  • Our employment lawyers have received their legal training from some of the best and top-ranked national law firms in Canada, which provides you with the assurances of knowing your employment matter is being attended to effectively and efficiently and by high-quality legal counsel.
  • We are life-long Calgarians and Canadian law school educated, uniquely knowledgeable of the local labour market and regional dynamics. We’ve grown-up in Calgary and worked here, just like you, before becoming employment lawyers. Employees need local and community-based legal representation.
  • We are a virtual cloud-based law firm and do not have a centralized office or fixed business hours – we work remotely, are uniquely flexible and are committed to serving you on your schedule, within or outside of regular business hours.
  • We accommodate your lifestyle by maintaining the ability to connect with you at any-time and anywhere there is an internet or telephone connection – this includes face-to-face meetings at any location you desire.
Calgary Employment Lawyers

What We’ll Do For You: The Employee

  • Wrongful Dismissals

  • Severance Reviews

  • Reasonable Notice Assessments

  • Just Cause Terminations

  • Constructive Dismissals

  • Human Rights

  • Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination

  • Employment Agreements & Contracts

  • Executives, Officers & Fiduciaries

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties

  • Change of Control Protection (“Golden Parachutes”)

  • Non-Competition & Non-Solicitation Advice

  • Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality & Non-Disparagement Advice

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Short & Long-Term Disability Entitlements

  • Employment Standards

  • Independent & Dependent Contractors

  • Fixed-Term Contracts

  • Unionized Employees

  • Duty of Fair Representation Complaints

  • Grievance Appeals

  • Workplace Investigations & Disciplinary Proceedings

  • Equity-Based Awards

  • PSU’s, RSU’s & Stock Options

  • Share Appreciation Rights (“SARs”)

  • Performance Bonuses & Incentive Pay

  • Maternity & Parental Leave

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In a way no other Calgary employment lawyer can – experience the YYC Employment Law Group Advantage and see why we have become Calgary’s Legal Authority for Employees.

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From Our Clients

Calgary Employment Lawyers 5 Star Reviews

“We engaged Stephen (Employment Lawyer in Calgary) to settle a legal dispute with another company. Stephen Dugandzic was the point for our case. Stephen without a doubt is one of the most professional lawyers I have had the pleasure of working with. There was never a point of no hope or lack of direction. Every problem had a solution. Stephen worked vigorously to ensure any of our difficulties had an endpoint so that we could get on with our business. Stephen’s understanding of our issues, ability to problem solve and heightened the ability to produce results, has instilled confidence in our board of directors in engaging Stephen again.”

Monte Schwing

Calgary Employment Lawyers 5 Star Reviews

“Stephan was amazing, he was well versed in the employee rights and was kind and considerate if offering me advice. This firm truly cares about the people they are helping, and I hope others can find value in them as much as I did.”

Melissa Penner

Calgary Employment Lawyers 5 Star Reviews

“Stephen Dugandzic has advised me on multiple occasions, both business and personal. He is an exceptional lawyer that constantly goes above and beyond for his clients. Stephen is a remarkable negotiator, and his knowledge of the law is second to none. I can confidently say that I would use Stephen again, I have recommended him to many friends and family in the past, and will continue to do so moving forward. Thanks again, Stephen!”

Pedro Villamar

Calgary Employment Lawyers 5 Star Reviews

“Had the pleasure of dealing with Stephen Dugandzic during a very rough time in my life. He helped me to understand the process and explained the different scenarios very well. He is a talented and very personable lawyer. I would work with him again in the future! Thanks for all the help.“

Leo De Guzman

Calgary Employment Lawyers 5 Star Reviews

“Stephen’s skills and experience were instrumental in helping me to conclude a dispute with a previous employer successfully. He was prompt and responsive to all of my concerns during this very stressful period, and I greatly appreciated his guidance in navigating the often confusing world of employment law.”

Chris K

Calgary Employment Lawyers 5 Star Reviews

“I was referred to Stephen Dugandzic when my employer of +30 years sold off a portion of their business to another company, and I had little choice but to move over to the other company. It was a stressful time for me. I didn’t know how this would impact my pension and future career opportunities. I didn’t know my rights. My experience with Stephen was top notch. He gave me easy to understand legal advice on my rights and how I was able to get a severance payment (instead of a much lesser separation payment).“

Susan Janega-Baird

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