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A BC-based employee with 6 solid years of service was recently terminated for alleged just cause after taking to Twitter to voice his disappointment with the employer’s holiday gift…a $6 bottle of BBQ sauce.

Although the employer’s allegations of cause will very likely not succeed in this case and the employee will be entitled to severance of 4-6 months (and possibly even enhanced damages for bad faith), we remind employees to be cognizant of their online/social media comments and off-duty activities.

In certain scenarios, online/social media comments and off-duty conduct, generally, could give rise to legitimate allegations of cause. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, talk to us for a more detailed discussion of your facts. In any event, do you think he tried the sauce?

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What is just cause termination?

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Have you been recently terminated and your employer claims it was with a “just-cause?” If so, they may attempt to withhold your pay-in-lieu or severance entitlement, and deny you reasonable notice of termination.