A New Era of Calgary Employment Lawyers. We’re Different.

Laws exist to protect you. Yet when caught in a vulnerable position at the hands of employers, we try to understand the role we played to warrant the poor treatment we received. Some of you may even be justifying the events that have led to the questionable incident!

The thought of pursuing legal action, as an employee, can be emotionally and mentally draining. But the reality is – unjust and unfair situations happen in the workplace. As stressful and overwhelming as it may seem at first, you have the right to look for legal assistance. You have a voice.

Here at YYC Employment Law Group, we are dedicated to this unique area of legal practice; it’s all we do. Unlike most employment law firms, we only represent employees and never act for employers.

We reassure and empower Calgarians by helping them navigate the complex legal landscape of employment law.


Types of Cases our Calgary Employment Lawyers Address


We urge anyone who has found themselves in one of these situations to seek out the guidance of an employment lawyer as soon as possible.

Wrongful Dismissals
Severance Reviews
Reasonable Notice Assessments
Just Cause Terminations
Constructive Dismissals
Human Rights Violations
Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination
Employment Agreements & Contracts
Breach of Fiduciary Duties
Change of Control Protection (“Golden Parachutes”)
Occupational Health & Safety
Short & Long-Term Disability Entitlements
Independent & Dependent Contractors
Unionized Employees
The Duty of Fair Representation Complaints

Some instances – especially involving termination or severance – are time sensitive. These situations may need immediate attention.


Don’t leave your case up to chance – here’s what we’ll do for you:


We’ll Ensure You’re Not Settling for Less


Leaving a job you have invested your time and energy in can be ill-timed and difficult. Sometimes the decision is voluntary, but often it is not. We see cases of wrongful dismissals and “just cause” terminations all too frequently. Regardless of how you are exiting your role, you may have severance rights and entitlements.

Employment lawyers are uniquely skilled in negotiating and litigating cases for severance packages. We will carefully review and give guidance before you sign off on your Release or severance package. We will ensure that you’re presented a fair and reasonable deal. If not, we will fight for an offer you are more deserving of.

If you’re currently dealing with termination negotiations, do not settle! You have rights, and we want to ensure you understand every single one before you finalize the terms of your severance package and sign a Release.


We’ll Review Your Employment Agreements and Contracts


The fine print matters. Often, the clauses are one-sided and do not have the best interest of the employee in mind. Certain clauses can affect the amount of severance an employee will receive (or not receive), and whether she can work in the field after her departure.

Terms that require your full understanding include:

Non-competition clauses
● Non-solicitation clauses
● Non-disclosure clauses
● Probation periods
● Termination and termination entitlements
● Post-employment restrictions
● Bonuses
● Shareholder agreements

Often, these contracts are poorly drafted and are written to benefit the employer.

The legalese jargon outlining these clauses can be intimidating and often makes the employee feel bullied or at risk if they do not sign. The agreements can also deter employees from seeking a position with a competitor. In the case of termination, the contract can place limits on severance pay (statutory minimum amount of notice or pay-in-lieu).

Let an experienced employment lawyer review your contracts. We can draft, redraft, dispute and negotiate agreements for you. And when the time arises, we can dispute, challenge, and interpret.

Our experienced lawyers at YYC Employment Law Group have successfully reviewed, drafted and disputed thousands of employment contracts, as well as argued many before all levels of Alberta courts. We have seen an array of tactics pulled by employers in contracts that provide less than what’s considered fair.

We defend claims of discrimination before Human Rights Tribunals and all levels of Court in Alberta

As an employee, you should always feel safe at work. Period.

Unfortunately, cases of discrimination and human rights violations happen all too often. Unfair treatment or even unwanted physical or verbal harassment on the following grounds can crop up in the workplace:

● Race
● Religious beliefs
● Gender or gender identity
● Family status
● Sexual orientation
● Physical or mental disability

The Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits all workplace discrimination on the grounds above. We fight to ensure our clients are supported in their claims before tribunals and all levels of court.

At the end of the day, bullying, harassment, and discrimination should never be tolerated. We are here to help Calgarians faced with discrimination in the workplace, be it real or perceived, pursue the justice they deserve to feel safe at work.


A New Era of Calgary Employment Lawyers. We’re Different.


We understand that pursuing legal action can be overwhelming. This is why we offer a client-focused approach at our firm. We only represent you, the employee.

With our combined 40+ years of legal experience in workplace disputes, we have seen first hand the many benefits of enforcing employee rights. This is why we’re always open to discussing your concerns, at a time and place that fits your schedule. Over coffee at 6 AM? If that time works best for you, absolutely. Our clients’ satisfaction means everything to us.

If you are concerned over the cost of pursuing legal representation, we can give you peace of mind with our transparent billing structure. We offer flat-fees that we present to you upfront so you can focus on your case instead of your invoice.

At YYC Employment Law Group, we are here for you. Any time, any employment issue, and any workplace.


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