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At YYC Employment Law Group, we take a fresh approach to employment law. We put you in touch with our Calgary-based employment lawyers directly. Beyond providing you with experienced, proven and trusted legal advice, we guarantee responsiveness and timely communication. If you don’t hear from us within 24-hours—whether it be in response to a question, request for information or otherwise—you’re entitled to a credit against the cost of your fees. That’s our promise to you. Accountability.

We’re all about connecting with our clients and the community we serve. Even better, we speak your language.

Contact Employment Lawyers Calgary today to find out more about our innovative, forward-thinking and client-focused model. and how our team of dedicated employment lawyers will partner with you to resolve your employment issue.

We’re confident you’ll see the difference.

Our model provides you with efficiency, value, peace of mind and certainty by offering reasonable flat-rate fees. You know what to expect from the second we start work on your file.

Our goal is to facilitate timely access to well-trained and experienced employment lawyers at an affordable price point. It’s all about you, the employee.

We exclusively practice workplace law and only represent employees

We are passionate about our work which translates into strong employee advocacy and representation.

Our employment lawyers have worked with some of Canada’s largest national law firms and have attended Canadian law schools where we excelled academically. We know employment law and previously acted for employers; we are intimately aware of how the other side works which fosters efficiency and effectiveness.

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Calgary Employment Law Redefined

Look Beyond the Expected

We are life-long Calgarians and community-based lawyers knowledgeable of the local labour market and regional dynamics. We’ve grown-up in Calgary and worked here, just like you, before becoming employment lawyers. We’ll navigate Calgary’s complex legal landscape for you.

We maintain a centralized business location at one of the City’s coolest, most vibrant and entrepreneurial downtown coworking spaces. Our large private offices provide the confidentiality and privacy afforded by a traditional office space, with a much fresher and enjoyable vibe and at one-third the cost. We pass these savings on directly to our clients by keeping our overhead costs low.

Not a fan of commuting downtown to meet your lawyer in-person?

No problem – we’ll come to you and accommodate you on your schedule and at any location you want. Just say when and where, whether it be in the NW, NE, SW or SE, during the evening or on a weekend or via, FaceTime, Skype, Duo or any other platform you prefer. Being flexible, mobile and cloud-based has its advantages!

What We’ll Do for You:

The Employee

Wrongful Dismissals

Severance Reviews

Termination Clause Reviews

Reasonable Notice Assessments

Just Cause Terminations

Constructive Dismissals

Human Rights

Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination

Employment Agreements & Contracts

Change of Control Protection (“Golden Parachutes”)

Non-Competition & Non-Solicitation Advice

Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality & Non-Disparagement Advice

Occupational Health & Safety

Short & Long-Term Disability Entitlements

Employment Standards

Independent & Dependent Contractors

Fixed-Term Contracts

Unionized Employees

Duty of Fair Representation Complaints

Grievance Appeals

Workplace Investigations & Disciplinary Proceedings

Equity-Based Awards

PSU’s, RSU’s & Stock Options

Share Appreciation Rights (“SARs”)

Performance Bonuses & Incentive Pay

Maternity & Parental Leave

Employment Lawyers Calgary

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