DIFFERENT”: We are often asked by the public what makes us different than other Calgary-based employee-side employment lawyers. The answer is simple… we actually care about our clients’ well-being and view them as more than just a retainer fee.

Clients are individuals (real everyday people) who need help navigating the complex legal landscape affecting their jobs, livelihoods, households and families. We’re passionate about protecting those legal rights and enhancing employee well-being. Our lawyers started their legal careers with large national law firms, often times acting for the sort of large and powerful employers we now hold accountable.

We gave-up that career trajectory, taking our high-quality training and development with us, to give back to the People of Calgary and contribute to our community in a more meaningful way. At its core, our brand represents top-tier legal knowledge and training that you can only receive from Canada’s best national law firms, and combines that with passion, empathy and compassion while providing unmatched employment law expertise and experience at a reasonable price point.

We are all about improving access to justice. Experience the “difference” with YYC Employment Law Group.


A New Era of Calgary Employment Lawyers. We’re Different.